The ability to track where you’ve read certain items of information is crucial due to three reasons: A range of 60-18 million people died due to World War .

1. The world we live in today. Research – Selecting sources. I begin the three-day, two-night island-hopping tour from Linapacan Palawan, explaining to the guests the most important aspects of the tour, such as the closest hospital is 3 to five hours away, or food and accommodation details..but following that, I’ll draw a picture of the past of the Philippines and usually end the tour with the words "our world today was constructed by decades of conflict and religion" as I describe how lifestyle of the island changed.

Research is most likely to be the most obvious of these talents and it’s not without reason. My assertion is partially true. As a historian, I spent the majority of my time during my three years at the university at the library trying to locate an ounce of evidence to prove or debunk my argument. I’ve been studying history for the last two weeks with Crash Course Big History and Sapiens, a brief human history has made me realize just the extent to which I did not know of the factors that led humans to evolve and become the most powerful and advanced species ever to have lived. It is not uncommon for me to often find myself needing to go through a mountain of information sources in search of the tiniest, most precise bit of information.

I was unaware of the significance of science essay, trade technology, and ideologies that have shaped the environment that we are living in today. If you have a specific answer that you’re seeking, there are numerous places to start your search. The universe was created 3.5 billion years ago. Knowing how cut a query into bite-sized pieces that will help limit your search right at the beginning is a skill I quickly learned and which I’ve employed many times since joining Shearman and Sterling. Our ancestors first discovered the use of fire for cooking, it made a difference in our method of breaking down food nutrients and absorb them more efficiently.

Similar to the process of finding the evidence needed for a history paper, I’ve also had to do research projects as a trainee in corporate law. Many of the most renowned researchers discovered that this led to our brains to develop and separate ourselves from the primate relatives. The answer I’m trying to find could be from an many different sources. Humans were not around for two million years, and in the majority of cases, our population was one million in the average due to the fact that humans spent all their lives on hunting gatherers. Sometimes the search for the answer was easy. Herding is another method to provide food for our ancestral ancestors.

Select the right source and the specific information or the legal authority you’ve been requested to discover can be found. The drawbacks of this method is that they had to move from one location to another, after eating all grass, or the continuous need to guard the herd from being snatched by different groups, or from predators. It’s great! However, it’s not always the scenario. This time in the past is very difficult and has a poor life expectancy. Other times, I’ve been forced to narrow my search using legal journals and other commentary. The population of our country began to grow when our ancestors began to cultivate crops and the need for surplus to support an increase in people.

As you can mobilize secondary resources to make your research easier historians and this requires you to think clearly and logically to guide you, as fast as you can, to the specific source of primary material that you require. Food production isn’t an ongoing process humans were able to look into other areas. You need to be able to identify non-essential sources and pick ones that best suit the job that you have to complete. Trade and writing were the first achievements of the human civilisation. 2. This was the time of the rise of cities.

Research – Online. As the population grew as it grew, keeping the early human societies together was extremely difficult. Utilizing research tools online is another skill you should learn as a new corporate lawyer.

There are instances where certain individuals manage farm slaves that were efficient in small numbers of individuals. This expertise has proved beneficial when researching complicated, precise issues. Cities began to appear in large bodies of drinkable water, such as the African river, the nile. The most challenging research project that I’ve had up to now has been to determine whether "summarily" is defined by English law in a contract context. As large groups of people began to develop, the need for protecting land and resources, wars were inevitable.

For example, if contracts allow employees to terminate their employment on a whim. his employment. The repercussions of wars pushed the early men to develop techniques and things that would improve the security of human life and gain more resources. This was a difficult task due to the fact that "summarily" is a term used in English law within cases of summarizing a judgement in a legal proceeding however not in the legal context in the area of contract law. Horses riding improved the mobility of the Mongols.

To be able to conclude this, I needed to utilize my research skills online. Bows and arrows ruled many victories. I needed to ensure that when I was researching, I had separated the two definitions of the word and selecting what was relevant to my specific inquiry. The discovery of gunpowder opened opening the path for destructive power of cannons as well as improvements in the construction of better castle walls. 3. The concept of money created the harmony of measuring value and the concept of scarcity. You must cite your source! This gave the foundation for taxation that funds wars as well as the idea of credit that you can borrow to yourself later on.

Yes, I’m afraid to keep the records of your sources isn’t something you should do after submitting your dissertation! Humans have discovered a way to communicate in a linear and fair way that a certain amount of work or goods result in a certain amount of money. The methodical approach to researching you’ve learned through your studies in history will be valuable in the role of corporate lawyer. Europeans during the time of colonialism brought small pox which killed the estimated 100 million people of the Americas. It’s an extremely useful technique that has helped me save a lot of time with my research assignments when I first started at Shearman & Sterling. Black death (believed as Bubonic plague brought on by rats by trade ships coming from China) caused the deaths of an estimated 75-200 million people across Europe as well as Asia. The ability to track where you’ve read certain items of information is crucial due to three reasons: A range of 60-138 million people died due to World War 2. 1. The rate of death was higher during the time of war than it is nowadays.

As a lawyer, you have to be able and able to confirm the basis for giving an individual piece of advice or opinion. I like to imagine a world in which you can die without reason whatsoever since we’ve not yet discovered bacteria or vaccines, or medicines, or the sly ideologies of people like Hitler could cause a lot of suffering and death.

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